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Best hand drawn Image clipping paths for fresh, clean photos

A clipping path is a way for cutting out an image’s object or product from its background. We remove the background from your images using a handmade Photoshop clipping path. We don’t use any quick selection methods. we use the pen tool on adobe Photoshop.

Photo Editing Media is a professional clipping path services provider company. We offer you to get the best possible cut out than any other clipping company in the market. Our clipped images are always high-resolution cutouts.  Take a trial of our service before judging us. To know more about the best company to offer clipping paths in Photoshop, send us an email

This editing is mainly done by using:
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Clipping Path Service Categories

Simple Clipping Paths

The simple clipping path is the primary category Very easy to complete. It takes just a couple of minutes. Images that need this sort of clipping path may be the images of watches, laptops, phones, books, balls, boxes & round shapes like eggs.

Clipping path Services

Medium Clipping Paths

We apply this clipping path to images with multiple holes and designs on images with multiple curves. Medium clipping path service is required more time than sample clipping path. For example, furniture, jewelry, t-shirts, shoes, people, etc.

Clipping path Services

Complex Clipping Paths

These types of images have a lot of holes, curved areas, compound, and complex shaped products, and many closed paths like a chain, group people, group shoes, net, tree, etc. consume immense amounts of time to make a clipping path on them and form complex clipping paths. Taking Up More Time Than The Medium Clipping Path Service.

Super Complex Clipping Path

A super complex clipping path is very difficult to complete. Super Complex Clipping Path is applied to a wide range of products with around double hole, vertical and horizontal zigzag design that requires a large number of paths and anchor points. As performing this clipping path is very complex and time-consuming, it costs higher than other clipping path tasks.

Clipping path Services

Multiple Clipping path

Multiple clipping path services are the specialty of Photo Editing Media. Multi Clipping Path service is utilized for Photos that need separation from others. It is finished to isolate a few pieces of the Photo to later change it in Photoshop. It basically occurred in the Clipping Path process. Envision you have a Photo that you really want to color-correct part by part. So of course, you have to isolate the parts of this image which parts of image you want to color correct. Color paths or multi-path are very essential for color correction services.

Create Separation photos that make an impact:
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Clipping path Services
Clipping path Services
Clipping path Services
Clipping path Services

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