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Image Masking Services are the most sophisticated and specialty services of Photo Editing Media. We call this important because today more than 38% of online buyers require image masking services to see their products on a transparent background and white background. A busy photographer can’t give all photos on a white background. If you are looking for the best image masking service, you are in the perfect place. Save time so you can focus on developing your business rather than incalculable hours editing photos.

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Our Specialty Photoshop Image Masking Services

Layer Masking Service

Layer masking is an excellent hand-made manual photoshop where masks are applied directly to the layer using a soft and refined edge. we make a different layer for different objects and masks them autonomously. Also, with layer masking, we can change the opacity of your images into various bits. Use it to remove the background or isolate objects.

Layer Masking Service

Alpha channel Masking

Alpha Channel Masking is very unique from the layer or clipping mask. If the object needs to be separated from the background, we save it as Alpha Channel to edit brightness, contrast, etc. It minimizes the file size which is very convenient for further uploading and downloading of the image. The single-colored background is perfect for this photo masking.


Fur & Hair Masking

Photo masking service is the best photo editing answer to work with images containing fur or hair. Fur and hair masking service is separate hair and fur from the background, a pen table for a soft edge, etc. If needed, then apply color, contrast, brightness, exposure correction, etc. to make objects natural. To masking such types of images, the clipping path cannot remove the background. That’s why fur and hair masking come to play in Photoshop to make the object natural looking.


Transparent Masking Service

Transparent products like glasses, sunglasses, bottles, glass containers, pure water, and tinted windows need masking to remove the backgrounds. A Transparent image masking service is applied to the objects having 0%-5% opacity. Light can easily pass through it. Then moving the product into a new background, the product will be transparent and the color will be noticeable. Our skilled photo editors make Transparent Masking images as per clients’ requirements.

Transparent Masking Service

Color Masking

Cutting the edge of the image, you can put different color combinations on your image. To avoid the hollow line, cut an image just across the edge by using this service. The designers later apply various effects like color & exposure correction, retouching, etc.

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Image Masking Service
Image Masking Services
Image Masking Service

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