Color Correction Services

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If your photos are underexposed, the white balance is mistaken, or the color saturation should be changed, The PHOTO EDITING MEDIA Color Correction team can make the vital changes in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. Also, image editors right the color tone of the Photos, change RGB and change the white balance. A grey area correction also is a part of the color correction service. Our many years of experience in color adjustment ensure consistently high quality. If you have a busy schedule and can’t handle color correction on your own, address our photo editing service, and will have you covered.

This editing is mainly done by using:
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Model Photography

In this service, Model photo edits, remove skin defects, enhance the texture, whiten teeth, Dodging and Burning, split toning, airbrushing, etc. The photographs losing advance because of improper color can be adjusted with matching color through color correction technique.

Color Correction Services

Wedding Images

In this service, we will make the bride’s/groom’s skin look flawless, dispose of stray hairs, improve or even apply make-up, smooth wrinkles on garments, also adjust the level of contrast, and fix brightness and exposure. We guarantee the results will look beautiful and absolutely realistic

Natural Photos

In this service, we correct the contrast, temperatures, clarity and eliminate unwanted dark spots and shadows from your photos. we continually stay in contact with them to clarify details. We will make your pictures look eye-catching and delightful in a fast way. It’s one of our most popular add-ons for the sky, see the beach, and open land.

Color Correction Services

Ecommerce Products

For E-commerce products, it is very important to re-color a product with a lot of duplicates.  Send us 1 image and the color swatches and allow us to apply the color varieties that can attract customers. E-commerce product image editing is fundamental for each web-based store for creating more perspectives and expanding Business income.

Color Correction Services

Fashion Product Color Editing

Various buyers search for other color options of a similar product while purchasing a product. When you deal with fashion products, you want product photography editing The products may have imperfections in genuine life. Fashion product photos should accompany a brilliant and excited look.

Color Correction Services

Black & White Photo Colorization

Adding color to a black and white photo alters its appearance as well as upgrades it’s aesthetic. We are prepared to fix your old damaged photos to make them look even better than the initial images with colors, saturation, and contrast being spot on. Our retouches make everything about a photo fresh.

Color Correction Services

Texture or Pattern Replacement

The texture replacement goal is to replace some specified texture patterns in an image while saving lighting impacts, shadows, and impediments. Guarantee your product texture matches perfectly with a pattern or reference image. To accomplish persuading replacement results we have to recognize surface patterns and estimate the lighting maps from a given image.

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Our Recent Color Correction Work

Color Correction Services
Color Correction Services
Color Correction Services
Color Correction Services

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